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Through expressions in clay, weaving myself into an engaging tapestry of connecting threads, I am forever tied to the process of making. Ceramic art is my conduit to personal growth, giving me insightful clues to who I am as a person and as an artist.

Natural aesthetics of many rock formations are a significant source of inspiration, reflected in much of my earth toned pottery and sculptures. I am intrigued by the powerful forces of erosion that continue to create clay from igneous rock.

Connected to these processes, I combine contrasting clays in layers, applying pressure, like the creation of sedimentary rock with my hands as their tectonic forces, pushing and altering. Created from memories of places, the surfaces are worn away while carving miniature canyons.

Anticipating exciting results, clay is fired at magma temperatures, returning it to rock hard forms again. Clay connects me with the geologic stories of earth’s past.

My work is also inspired by petroglyphic expressions on rock walls, as well as ancient pottery, projecting the human spirit for thousands of years. These captivating artifacts remind me of how earlier human inhabitants interpreted their environment with timeless design features, influenced by their close affiliations with nature.

While immersing myself in natural environments, examining biological details, it affects the elements of my designs in a similar manner. It is an honor to be treading in the footsteps of the clay artists who came before me.

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