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Portrait Of Mimi Booth, West Fork Studio

Mimi Booth received her B.A. in art from California State University Chico in 1970. Following a different path, she held a rewarding career as an elementary and special education teacher for many decades. One year after her retirement in 2005, she put art back in her life, seriously pursuing the many directions of clay.

West Fork Studio is located on Cinnamon Bear Farm, where she and her husband built their home and studios next to the Russian River in Ukiah, CA. A trench above this river bank is the site for her winter pit firings.

This artist’s photo was taken on the northern Oregon coast where she and her husband share a home with other family members. Her work is stamped with an O surrounding a C, appearing like a spiral. The O signifies her family in Oregon, as well as the nature hikes on the coast that inspire her work significantly. As a native Californian, the C is the site of her home base and studio.

Mimi’s favorite work will never be seen in galleries, as these permanent architectural elements are bolted or grouted to the walls of her home that she designed. The porcelain light sconces, sculptural towel hooks, and delightful rock fish heads that are embedded into the tile walls of her shower fill her with gratitude for her home on the farm and the opportunity to create her personal space. It binds her fascination of both sculptural and utilitarian pottery, reflecting coastal explorations, off road treks, and her views from West Fork Studio.

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